My food and wine infatuation

Lisa Englert's food and wine infatuationMy love affair with food began in my early teens. I spent many a Sunday afternoon watching PBS, where portly bayou chef, Earl Peyroux, cooked huge pots of simmering sauces and incorporated them into savory Cajun dishes. I recall how enamored I was with the big spoons he used to stir his concoctions. I also followed the other celebrity chefs of the time, including the legendary Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, Pierre Franey, Lidia Bastianich, and Graham Kerr. Years later, when Food Network and Cooking Channel began airing, my passion for food was elevated to new heights!

Like many of us, I cut my teeth on sweeter wines like Mateus Rosé and Cella Lambrusco. Over the years, however, I have developed a finer appreciation for the glorious grape and enjoy experimenting with complementary food and wine pairings. I have attended my fair share of wine festivals and wine-tasting dinners, and have dabbled with membership in the Triangle Chapter of the American Wine Society, Triangle Wine Enthusiasts, and Snob Free Wine. I spend much of my social time gathering with friends who share my joy of food and drink, as well as a spirited game of Mexican Train Dominoes.

I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to parlay my passion for wine into a bi-monthly column I penned for BOOM! Magazine, a lifestyle resource for active baby boomer adults. Below is a sampling of topics I’ve written about:

  • Can a Glass of Wine a Day Keep the Doctor Away?
  • Wines That Entertain for the Holidays
  • Nibbles That Pair Nicely with Wine
  • Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers
  • Support Your Local Independent Wine Merchant
  • Wine in the New Year
  • Meaningful Gifts to Celebrate the Season
  • Summer Wine Down