My VA career prologue

Lisa Englert's VA Career ProloguePrior to becoming a VA, I was employed for more than two decades as an administrative professional in both the private and public sectors. Much of my corporate work was focused on customer service, public relations, marketing and communications, and I excel at providing support in these (and many other) areas to my clients. As I mentioned on my home page, I have a passion for all things food- and wine-related, and have a particular interest in working with people/organizations who have a connection to food (including food advocacy) and wine.

My past employers include the North Carolina Department of Transportation and First Flight Centennial Commission (in Raleigh, North Carolina); the law firm of Fox, Bennett & Turner and The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (in Washington, DC); and BellSouth Corporation (both in Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC).

Throughout my career, I have acquired and honed many valuable skills that I bring to my clients as their VA. They include:

Communications. I have excellent written and oral communication skills. I’m adept at asking the right questions to build consensus and don’t shy away from confrontation. As is often said, most arguments are not 95%/5%, they are 49%/51%. This means that consensus—and the best solution—is often just one question away.

Event Planning and Coordination.
I have planned and coordinated numerous significant events involving thousands of people, including federal, state and executive branch officials, international political figures, and members of the media. My experience has taught me how to work under deadlines with a limited budget and that no detail is too small to be overlooked, from invitations to handouts to dynamic presentations and memorable finales.

 I am skilled at building consensus among diverse groups and able to effectively lead and inspire others to accomplish their best work. I believe that anyone is capable of being a leader and I enjoy bringing out this quality in others.

Organization. I’m a true believer in the importance of organization and am a strong proponent of Florynce Kennedy’s philosophy of “Don’t agonize; organize!” With early and solid organization, no project is insurmountable.

Technology. I enjoy learning new technologies and have the perseverance necessary to put ideas into practice. I’m known as a problem-solver with a reputation for solid results. I have a proven knowledge of HTML and experience in WordPress Web design and maintenance.