What kinds of clients do you work with?

ideal clients for virtualme, inc.I have had the most successful working relationships with clients who:

  • value relationships
  • are focused and grounded
  • have specific goals
  • are business- and somewhat tech-savvy
  • are passionate about what they’re doing
  • are seeking a partner, rather than an employee, to help them achieve their goals
  • can articulate their needs and desires
  • can communicate openly and honestly with me
  • are open to new ways of doing things
  • can let go of things easily
  • are hopeful about the future
  • are generous and kind
  • share their time, talent and treasure with others
  • are trusting and trustworthy
  • are not defined solely by their work
  • work hard, but don’t take themselves too seriously
  • share some common interests with me

Does this describe you? If so, I’d love to speak with you about the possibility of working together.