How do you charge for your services?

virtualme, inc. virtual assistant feesI work exclusively on retainer, meaning that as my client, you reserve a block of my time each month. I record the amount of time I spend working on your projects, as well as time I spend communicating with you by e-mail or phone. I track my time in 15-minute increments, and send you a summary of my services for the month along with your invoice.

My fees will be discussed with you by phone during the interview process. This in-depth conversation gives us both an opportunity to talk about your needs—and the value and benefits I can provide to address those needs—rather than you basing your decision about whether to work with me solely on price.

What I will tell you is that VAs’ fees are based on their experience and skills, the services in which they specialize, and their reputation. For an AssistU grad, you can expect to pay between $30 and $100+ per hour, with the average hourly rate being in the $50 range.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re considering whether to work with a VA:

  • You are paying for 100% productive time. Unlike having an employee, you don’t pay for down-time, or time not spent specifically on your work.
  • Virtual assistance was developed to be a convenient, cost-effective and efficient alternative to hiring an employee rather than an inexpensive one. If you are seeking low-cost labor, then a VA is probably not the best fit for you.