Here’s a sampling of what others have to say about working with me:

As the Public Relations Chair for the Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel, Lisa has almost single-handedly transformed and modernized our publicity and PR processes. She applied her professional experience to our nonprofit organization, and today our public relations reflect her professional approach. Lisa developed a publicity plan for promoting our events on our web site, on community calendars, in newspapers, magazines and other venues. She has developed excellent relationships with local media to ensure that event information and other publicity is widely disseminated, typically at no cost to the organization. Lisa also pioneered our organization’s foray into social media, expanding our presence through Facebook and Twitter, among others. Above all, Lisa has achieved outstanding results. Not only has the Friends’ awareness and “brand image” grown significantly, but we have seen a rise in attendance and participation in our events (resulting in additional revenue) as well as measurable results in community response, with continually increasing membership. The Friends are fortunate to have Lisa Englert’s talent on our board of directors and any other organization would be fortunate to have her involvement also.

Bill McCloskeyRetired from BellSouth (AT&T) and The Associated Press

Lisa transferred to Washington from our Atlanta headquarters, so she already knew the company management systems and she took the time to learn the unique requirements of the Washington governmental affairs office and its public relations shop. She was always meticulous in the detail work that keeps an office humming while the lobbyists and executives were out doing whatever it was they did. She took on and successfully completed a massive out-of-town project providing on-site hospitality at the national political conventions for thousands of hungry and thirsty reporters. From getting credentials, housing and transportation for 15 BellSouth hosts to ordering the beer, getting it through security and paying the vendors, Lisa had it managed. Her detailed records served as the template for the events for years after she moved on.

Lisa Englert lives up to her name, 'Virtual Me' for sure! It took me almost no time to orient her to my business, and she was up and running and making decisions when I needed them, and handling the details that usually frustrate me. She lets me stay 'big picture' and strategic by handling all the issues, like posting to my blog and website, dealing with issues for my radio show, and even handling matters with my clients and colleagues. I'm dazzled! Best of all, she has a cheerful, can-do attitude. I am so happy to have found her. She's my lucky charm for success!

David HensonPresident, Henson Sleep Relief

As my Virtual Assistant, Lisa Englert has the drive, intuition, experience and resources to make my life easier. She very quickly learned my preferences and does whatever can be done to accommodate them. If she's not clear on what it is I want, she's not afraid to ask! In collaborating with me on speeches or correspondence, Lisa has the ability to not only hear what I want to say, but how I want to say it. When I travel, it's not unusual for me to get compliments about Lisa for her, as one man put it, 'gracious tenacity.' I am much more effective, to say nothing of comfortable, knowing that Lisa is part of my team. I'm convinced that her thoroughness and professionalism enhance my image -- not only in the business community, but wherever her work and mine intersect.

Lisa Englert and virtualme, inc. were contracted by The World Company from September 2007 to September 2009. Lisa was a wonderful addition to my business' marketing during that time, handling research and design for The World Linguist, the company’s bi-monthly newsletter, as well as press releases on an ongoing basis. Throughout our partnership, the work we received from Lisa was consistently creative and expertly executed. All projects were completed with close attention to detail and well within discussed timeframes and deadlines. Lisa's input was always on-point and focused on the specific needs and characteristics of our business. We utilized virtualme, inc. in an advisory capacity in the development of our new website as well as other administrative and marketing challenges and always received excellent results. I can, without hesitation, recommend virtualme, inc. to any business in need of a reliable partner to assist with marketing, PR or administrative tasks. virtualme, inc. enabled me to work on my internal business needs in the secure knowledge that our public outreach would be handled with professional and exacting care.

Lisa Englert has been such an asset to The INS Group. She has excellent verbal and written communications skills, is very organized, detail oriented, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that a job gets done. Ms. Englert is professional and dependable and I would highly recommend her services to any business.

Before I brought Lisa on board, I was spending countless hours working on tasks that took valuable time away from being able to market my business. These tasks were so frustrating because they required a level of technical knowledge I just didn't possess. Lisa has taken a huge amount of responsibility and frustration away from me and consequently she makes my life a whole lot easier. It's great to be able to call her up or send her an e-mail with a request and know the job will be completed quickly, perfectly and professionally. Lisa's expertise and wisdom is right on! She understands my business and makes suggestions that save me time and money and meets the needs of the clients I serve. I value her as a team member and recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for that person to help them get organized and do those tasks they shouldn't be doing. I'm proud to say that Lisa is MY virtual me!

I genuinely believe that adding Lisa Englert to my team has been one of the best decisions for my company. As a business owner, I had reached a place where we simply were not going to continue to grow unless I stopped acting like a 'lone ranger' and got some help. What I find amazing about Lisa is the scope of her talents. She finds ways to streamline many of the day to day tasks that keep my business running, while also successfully taking on large scale projects including the redesign of our website, managing a rapidly growing subscription list, and implementing critical marketing campaigns that had previously remained undone due to a lack of time. Lisa has a natural grace, poise and presence, combined with a sharp insight and intelligence that make it easy for me to put jobs in her hands. She knows and understands my vision, and has made that vision her own. Lisa Englert truly cares about her clients and their success and I believe she works tirelessly to bring that success to reality.

Barbara Hunter, PCC, BCC, Presence-Based CoachBarbara Hunter, PCC, BCC, Presence-Based CoachFounder and Managing Partner, HunterRockhold, Inc.

As a small business owner, there was a time when I thought I couldn’t afford to pay an administrative assistant to do some of the tedious tasks required in running a successful business. Now I would have to say I can’t afford to not have the help of my virtual assistant, Lisa Englert. Having her support frees up much more of me than just the time of doing the task. Now I no longer keep revisiting and re-prioritizing an ever-growing to-do list; instead I can hand off the to-dos to Lisa and keep my focus on more important business needs, like delivering the work and maintaining client relationships. More importantly, once handed off, I know I can completely let it go, as I know Lisa will get the job done and get it done right. She is extremely resourceful, able to represent my business and me professionally and well when interfacing with clients and keeps me informed so I never have to worry about the status of things, once handed off to her. In addition, she is a pleasure to work with and always willing and eager to take on anything I want to pass on to her. Today I wonder where would I be without Lisa? Adding her to my team was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Lisa came highly recommended to me from an academic colleague of mine. While I was a bit skeptical of how a virtual relationship could work, I decided to bring her on board in February 2015 as my Executive Assistant, primarily to assist me with managing my hectic schedule. I must admit that I have been very pleasantly surprised at how well this arrangement has worked. Lisa immediately embraced the work enthusiastically and competently. She is organized, efficient, resourceful, and detail-oriented. She has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and eloquence in her communications (both written and verbally) with my colleagues and staff.

Lisa has proven herself to be capable, hard-working, and dedicated to providing exemplary service. Although I have ultimately decided to transition my Executive Assistant work to an onsite employee who will also serve as the Center’s Office Manager, I would not hesitate to glowingly recommend Lisa to any executive who is seeking expert administrative assistance.

Stephen Marshall, Ph.D., ABPPStephen Marshall, Ph.D., ABPPMarshall Leadership Consulting

Lisa has worked with me and my leadership consulting business for five+ years. My clients frequently compliment Lisa to me for her professionalism and responsiveness to their requests. Lisa has become a trusted business partner, and has allowed me to focus on my client work as I trust her to manage my business administration.

Lisa has been an integral part of the The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence Federal Team for over a year. She assists 12 staff, 3 managers and the State Director to organize and plan our projects to meet our contract goals. Lisa is organized, a great communicator and has diverse skill set from managing executive clients to facilitating a publishing timeline to keep our clients informed with quarterly newsletters. Lisa provides great insight to our team on the latest publishing software and assists with layout and design of our promotional materials. Lisa has a lot of motivation to learn new skills, which contributes to our success. Our entire team is virtual and located in another state however Lisa works with our team like she is sitting right beside you. I highly recommend Lisa if you need someone to help you take your work to the next level!

In a very short period of time, Lisa has immeasurably impacted my group's productivity and efficiency. Lisa works remotely but one has the impression that she's sitting in the office next door. She is always available, unbelievably reliable, and her work is consistently impressive. Lisa does all of this at a reasonable cost. I couldn't be more pleased with our decision to hire Lisa. She has my highest recommendation.